When you get a photographer to paint, a painter to design, a designer to build.



and welcome. This is a place of my own creations, as well at the creations of other people, which I collect.

Do you collect? Because If you do, you would know how a simple thing, so special and precious, can make you happy. To some people, these things are handbags or houses, to others, they are memories or music. To me, an idea,  image, or a seed for imagination is what makes me happy, and so I collect these things. They come usually in the form of pictures, images, or spatial things, like objects or rooms, and that is why I enjoy architecture, photography, drawing and models.

I hope you that you will enjoy my collection of beautiful things, and that you might also find my creations beautiful, not because I’m vain, or at least I’d like to think myself otherwise, but because I want them to make you happy too.

Cliff Tan