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Puffer Fish Art

I’m sure you’ve seen the video of the Puffer fish art – an impressive sculpture carved by a single male fugu, in his attempt to attract a mate.

There is a practical reason for this. The ridges break passing currents, preventing the eggs which his female companion would plant in the middle, from being tossed around.

This is not just art, its design.

Hagia Sophia 2016

I just completed this photograph, looking towards the Dome of Hagia Sofia, Istanbul. It has been a long time since I was so satisfied, it just makes me go wild.

Dome of Hagia Sofia
Cloak of a Cosmos – 118cm x 118cm (2016)

Happy Easter

One egg’s lower half transformed

And became the earth below,

And its upper half transmuted

And became the sky above;

From the yolk the sun was made,

Light of day to shine upon us;

From the white the moon was formed,

Light of night to gleam above us;

All the colored brighter bits

Rose to be the stars of heaven

And the darker crumbs changed into

Clouds and cloudlets in the sky.


-Finnish Kalevala